"The peace of mind of getting it right"

Our main objective is that our client gets it right in their purchase or investment, to do so we analyze every project making it unique, exclusive, different, of high architectural quality, with an entrepreneurial approach y especially with our clients needs in mind.

Guaranteed success

The fundamental basis of our projects and promotions is to apply all of our science to acquire all the best land and locations possible, combining that with efficiency in the development of the construction so we can transfer that benefit to our clients who will receive it in the way of a good price, location and quality.


The QUALITY in the construction of our projects is an essential requirement that will always be on the table. We work with the best quality materials and highest guarantees in construction.


The main objective of Propiedades Ronda is to see the satisfaction of our clients when they see the finished product and it being provided in perfect conditions, magnificent finishes and in the time frame agreed.

Design and execution

We are very passionate about the design, our choice of architects is driven by their knowledge of the surroundings and because they know how to balance the design with innovation, avant-garde and sustainability, that’s why we have decided to trust experts of architecture who work alongside the best designers and decorators of the Costa del Sol.

“The best way to predict the future, is to build it”






Companies are people. Agreat company is made by great people.

Raúl Ruiz