Our Services:


The company specializes in location and finding the best investment opportunities in the Costa del Sol and Andalucía. Guarantying a short term return on the investment with outstanding profit margins for the company or client.


Complete development of the process:

The turnkey project, also known as key in hand contract, consists in giving a complete service to our clients, where our company is responsible for the whole process and procedures needed for the construction or execution of a project, from the purchase of the land to the moment the keys are handed over. This process means that the client can completely relax in most of the bigger arrangements. Always taking into account our clients preferences and need when developing the design of the architectural project.

This means that OUR company will be responsible for the architecture, engineering, construction and administration. In other words, you commission a construction or renovation and then you do not have to worry about anything else until we hand the keys over to you.

This type of contract is very useful for people who do not have much time or do not know much about this subject. This way they do not have to oversee the whole process, because the contractor will be responsible for all procedures from the beginning to the end. The turnkey project is developed as a previously planned process within a determined time frame, previously discussed.

Turnkey process

  • Processing and payment of all licences at the correct Administrations.
  • Directing the constructions Surveyor and Architect who are responsible for the construction.
  • Environmental follow up.
  • Quotation follow up.
  • Material tests.
  • Study of basic security and health.
  • Health coordination.
  • Building the construction.
  • Energy certification.
  • Waste management.
  • Quality control.
  • Final certificate of the construction.
  • Processing the First Occupant Licence.
  • Handing over the keys.
  • Marketing and commercialization.

"The peace of mind of getting it right".